Welcome to Animal Connections where my wish is to help humans deepen their love bond with their animal friends and have the best relationship together.

As we know, animal friends are family members and close friends and this makes for a very important relationship and special bond. In return, they can teach us a great deal about themselves, ourselves, and life in general.

I would like to make life a more beautiful place for all animals and humans where we can experience deep peace, have the freedom to express who we are, and be free from fear. I believe that animals are our equals and I desire a world where compassion, kindness and love are shown towards all animals and humans alike.

I offer Animal Meditation, Healing and Communication, and Reiki.

I am looking forward to leading four ‘Meditation with Your Dog’ sessions at the very first Goodwoof. It will be held at Goodwood in West Sussex on 28th and 29th May 2022.

I am planning an Animal Remembrance service at The Retreat Animal Rescue in Kent. Details to follow.

I hope you enjoy looking at my website. If you would like more information on Meditation with Animals, Healing, Communication, Reiki or Remembrance Services, please call me on +44 (0)7778 023192 or email me at: alison@animalconnections.org.uk 


Read some of the wonderful things my clients have said..

Thank you for your email and for the communication with Ebony this afternoon. It helped to speak with her and it provided some comfort at this very hard time. I fell asleep this afternoon and was almost certain she was in the room with me- I could hear her footsteps. Strange. I have lit a candle by her photo this evening.

Thank you for connecting us, it was very emotional.