Animal Communication

Animal Communication is done by using telepathy, which is ‘the transmission of information from one being to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction’. It is a universal language of thought transference. You just have to spend time in the company of animals to witness their fluency in telepathy.

We can all learn to be telepathic by being sensitive to another being and connecting with them through our hearts and love. Silence, calmness, and stillness are essential for a heart to heart connection, along with total respect, humility and reverence. By finding the stillpoint within ourselves, we have the potential to ‘hear’ what another being is feeling and thinking.

People contact me when they have concerns or worries about their beloved friend. This could be about illness or behaviour or because they want to purely deepen their relationship. In my experience, a communication is healing to both human and animal.

As I am able to communicate with your animal friend via a photo, communication can take place at any time and from any place or country. We do not have to be together physically.
I also work with animals who have passed over and a lot of people get comfort from this kind of contact. Often we want to know if our animal friend is happy and at peace and that they felt loved when they were with us. Sometimes we want to know from them if we did the right thing at the time of their passing.

Sadly, some animals go missing and get lost and after much consideration I have decided not to communicate with missing and lost animals. It is a time of great distress and emotional upset and I do not want to give anyone false hope that their animal friend may return.

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Read some of the wonderful things my clients have said..

BOBBYAlison has given two communications to my animal companion dog, Bobbi. Both times I was impressed with the volume and accuracy of detail Alison gave.