Thank you so much for the consultation.

Thought you would like to know that Winston has been closer to us since then.

He even came into the bedroom and jumped on the chair beside me.


Sophie went very peacefully after eating, drinking and going to the toilet this morning, so we feel she was ok about things and had “completed “her life. Thanks so much again for your help.

It did really comfort us and helped Sophie to have a peaceful last few hours.

Sophie (Aged 22)

You were so right with everything you heard her say. I'm sooooo thankful that I had that chance to speak with her through you. Thank you for giving me that amazing opportunity.

I can’t thank you enough. I just wish I found out about you sooner so I could have done some healing sessions on her. Maybe everything was meant to be how it happened.


Nellie, my 12 year old rescue Labrador was clearly missing her companion, Jake, who had to be put to sleep four weeks ago. Nellie is an old dog and I really want her to enjoy her remaining time but didn't really know whether she would be happier on her own receiving my undivided attention or whether she would be happier with an older rescue dog for company. Alison was recommended to me by someone who had actually used her services so I decided to book a communication session, hoping that Nellie would tell me what I wanted to know.

I was more than happy with the responses I received from Nellie via Alison. A number of questions were answered, the most important of which was whether she would like another canine companion. Nellie's answer was that she would, but not yet as she needs time to be quiet and grieve but she will let me know when she is ready. I feel so much happier knowing what Nellie really wants as it is so important for her to really enjoy her twilight years.
In the days since the session Nellie has seemed more relaxed and looked less sad than she did before the session. She is not back to normal but definitely seems happier. She selected some soft toys from the toy box today, which she has not done since Jake's death. Strangely they were Jake' favourite three toys which he used to take to Nellie to play with rather than the ones she used to select for herself.

Alison also suggested that I talk to Nellie about Jake and how much we both miss him. I had previously avoided mentioning his name to Nellie in case it upset her.

I am sure that not only Nellie but also I, have gained a lot from the communication. If Nellie does not manage to convey to me when she is ready for another companion I will have no hesitation in booking another session with Alison. She is clearly a very caring person and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes to communicate with their pet.


I contacted Alison because I suspected that my kitty's upset stomach was probably due to stress rather than something that could be treated at the vet's. I'd heard and read about animal communication so thought I'd give it a go and see if I could have a chat with my cat! I was astounded when Alison started relaying everything that had gone on in the last few years, and that my thirteen year old cat was feeling unsettled. I'd got divorced, moved three times, and wasn't in a good place myself for a long time. My cat had been through it all with me and was my anchor, but I hadn't realised how important it was to talk to them and tell them what was going on. Not only are they there to comfort us, but they need to know things too, otherwise it causes stress and confusion. I hadn't even considered any of this, and I made a concerted effort to talk to her, tell her everything that had gone on, that I loved her, and that I was very grateful to her and we'd always be together. We'd been in our new place for about four months but she hadn't slept on the bed, chirruped when I came home, or played. She didn't seem very happy. The night we connected with Alison she slept on the bed, the next day we played, and I talk to her every day. It's like a completely different relationship now and we're back in love! I'm so grateful to Alison for learning and sharing what she can do, it's really helped - not just calming kitty (stomach cleared up straight away), it made me feel better too. I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Alison - it's a lovely, somewhat emotional, and eye-opening experience. Thank you Alison Xx


I wanted to thank you for the lovely hour you spent with us today. Your reading of George was absolutely accurate and I was extremely touched by the communication you brought to me from him. I could see that he was very interested in the whole process – he is reserved, but I could see he was more than happy for you to give him hands-on healing and he undoubtedly benefited from it. I was told when I got back that he'd been sleeping in his bed which is unusual for him (he must have been very relaxed!). I am sure this will be very beneficial for him and hope we can do this again. I'd absolutely recommend you to anyone who wants to get some more insight into their pets about their wants and needs (we so often confuse them with our own after all).


Oliver deteriorated rapidly after we last spoke. My friend who had him & his sister from the time they were kittens till he was around 10 & I took him to the vet on Dec 1st. Very sad to say goodbye but we were with him all the way through telling him what was happening & telling him stories about all the amazing things he did. He had a very lovely send off & seemed excited to be going on a new adventure.

Thank you for enabling us to communicate in his last weeks. It meant so much.


My dog Max and I had a communication session with Alison which I found to be an incredibly positive, helpful and insightful experience. When Alison called us for the session she had already tuned in with Max. Before I had given any input at all, she had described Max’s personality and many of his traits to me. I knew she had the right dog. I felt the session was very productive as I got a clearer understanding of how Max feels in particular situations and also how best to support him. We covered different areas using a question and answer format. Initially I wasn’t sure how that would work, but it was a very natural process that flowed easily. I’d like to say a big thank you to Alison as I know what was shared will make a big impact on how we live together, enjoy each other’s company and of course to how Max feels. I wouldn’t hesitate to have further sessions with Alison in the future.


It was an absolute pleasure meeting you.

You have given me so much, by allowing me to speak and listen through you is priceless.

Jester and Izzy

Our beautiful boy Franklin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Wanting to do everything possible to ease his illness and his transition, we called Alison, and we are so happy we did. She gave Franklin a voice when he most needed it, and through her we were able to make sure that his wishes were followed, whether they related to his care, or eventually to how he chose to pass over.
Not only did Alison help with communicating with Franklin, but it was very clear that through healing his pain was lessened and his anxiety was calmed. It was lovely to watch him stretch out after a healing session and relax.
Although I would give anything for him to have not been ill, I am so grateful that his last few months were peaceful, and that he had a chance to make his own decisions and share the wisdom he had.


Thank you for your email and for the communication with Ebony this afternoon. It helped to speak with her and it provided some comfort at this very hard time. I fell asleep this afternoon and was almost certain she was in the room with me- I could hear her footsteps. Strange. I have lit a candle by her photo this evening.

Thank you for connecting us, it was very emotional.


JOJOJojo my greyhound had just had intrusive stomach surgery twice. On coming home from the vets he was very restless, sore and anxious. He was going to the toilet every two hours day and night. Alison came and had a session with Jojo and the improvement was amazing. He was less restless, he slept through the night and was less anxious. His appetite improved, he stopped having to toilet every two hours. I had one more session with Alison and now everything is back to normal.

I feel that without Alison's treatment, Jojo would have taken so much longer to heal and i would have been dead on my feet with all the toilet breaks (i have no garden)!!!


TRIXIEOur beautiful cat, Mina, went missing several weeks ago. She was not tagged, so we had no way of knowing where she was. We asked Alison to make contact with Mina and Alison was able to tell us that Mina had been hit and that she was disorientated. Mina told Alison that her sister, Trixie, knew what had happened to her. (We can confirm this, as Trixie was meowing for several days after Mina disappeared. She only stopped after we sat down and told her that we knew that Mina was missing.)

Alison asked Mina what we could do to help and Mina told her that there was nothing more we could do. Alison told us that Mina loved us very much and that she wanted a candle lit for her. Mina said many things to Alison including "keep the home fires burning, so that I can see them from where I am".

Before Alison made contact with Mina, my sense was that she was with my partner's dead father, so when we received this message from Alison, it confirmed our thoughts. 

I still "hold the hope" of seeing Mina sitting at the breakfast table or on top of the playhouse-roof basking in the sun. It is very hard to let go of her on this physical plane, she is dearly missed and she will always be part of our lives.

I am deeply grateful to Alison for making contact with MIna. She was a very special, sensitive and beautiful cat. One of her messages reminded us of the importance of showing and sharing love.

I would highly recommend Alison, it felt as if she "connected in love" with Mina and for me that is the most important. Alison has a way of making an animal feel safe and this unique love and bond shines through.

Alison communicated with Trixie, which we enjoyed. Trixie told Alison many insightful things, which will help our relationship with her and will benefit our whole family.

Mina and Trixie

JACKAlison did a healing on our Border Collie, Jack.

That afternoon I fell asleep reading a book and Jack was sound asleep by my feet, which is very unusual for us both. It was total relaxation. 


SAMMYSammy had a wonderful communication with Alison, I knew she had the right animal as soon as she described him as not being very brave and that he is a sensitive chap – that was so spot on. I was able to ask any question I wanted and Alison was able to share with me Sammy’s answers. It was amazing and through the experience Sam lay at my feet and seemed perfectly happy to be taking part. The communication has helped Sammy and I to understand each other better and I now also know how to take care of him when he is scared of loud bangs such as fireworks. Thank you Alison for helping us have a better understanding of how Sammy feels and what we can do to make his life more comfortable. 


aineAlison did a healing on our cat, Aine. The next day we noticed that she was not pestering us for food all the time (like she normally is) and seemed content, which was very unlike her.

She also became much less vocal, indicating to us that she was happier. I woke up the next morning with all 3 of our cats, including Aine on the bed, which is unusual. 


BOBBYAlison has given two communications to my animal companion dog, Bobbi. Both times I was impressed with the volume and accuracy of detail Alison gave. As a result of these communications, I've made changes to Bobbi's daily routine which has genuinely helped him (and me, by not having to try and figure out what is going on in his head!). I recommend this to anyone who wants to help understand their animal companion better.


ALFIEJust to let you know that my dog, Alfie seems to have been calmer and more relaxed with me since you communicated with him. He is not so needy to make his presence known. He has been licking his paws more and today holding one of them up for some TLC - you mentioned his paws on the phone. I know it sounds mad but there is also a sense of a more mature mentality about him and less child-like. I found it quite an emotional experience at some points in the process, to be able to connect to my best friend in a way that I have never done before and it gave another dimension to an already special relationship. 


Alison did a healing on my dogs, Kisha and Toby and she was very calm and gentle with them both. I was astonished that both dogs remained asleep after the healing and it was very unusual that they did not come out when I was making lunch. Usually they would be around my feet with the smell of food! They were both sleepy for the rest of the day.

Kisha and Toby


ALLYAlison is a truly special person! I recently phoned to ask her to communicate with our family cat, Ally who passed over a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that it was a truly wonderful and emotional experience. To begin with Alison explained that it would be a 3 way conversation, which it certainly was; throughout the whole telephone call I felt very much part of the whole experience. It was wonderful to be able to ask Ally questions and get answers from him straight away.

He was able to tell me things through Alison about our family and his life; and he also gave me advice on things in my own life, which was so accurate. Alison is such a gentle and kind person, who had a lovely way of explaining what Ally was communicating to me. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to communicate with their pets. I will certainly be contacting her again in the future.


If you would like to book an Animal Healing or Animal Communication,
please contact me at: alison@animalconnections.org.uk